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Smythe Rich, MD has expanded!

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After practicing Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for over 30 years in the Midlands, Dr. Smythe Rich has not only expanded his offices but also increased the procedures offered to include full body plastic and reconstructive surgery. As the first female Plastic Surgeon in Columbia, we are honored to have Dr. Kayla Humenansky join our practice. You can expect an unparalleled level of precision, genuine care, and desire to give patients natural-looking results. 


“When someone has a positive cosmetic experience, you realize that ‘good work’ walks right by you every day, unnoticed,” Dr. Rich concludes. With the addition of  Dr. Humenansky, breast and body procedures are now offered alongside our vast array of facial specialties, such as the WhisperliftTM. 


At our expanded 7000 sq ft facility, we offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures; we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Our office is designed to provide you a  beautiful, safe, and rewarding experience. We are committed to treating areas of the body and face affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects, trauma, or acquired disease.


Our talent doesn’t stop there, we have a licensed Esthetician, Dee Dee Redwine, and a Permanent Cosmetic Technician, Nancy Ruth, RN, BSN, CPCP. Together at Smythe Rich, MD, you have many options and a talented, committed team to assist you with your goals. Consultations are available by appointment. We would be honored to meet you! 

Meet The Team


Dr. Smythe Rich

Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Kayla Humenansky

Plastic Surgeon


Dee Dee Redwine


Ruth Partlow


Shelly Parker

Surgical Technologist/

Surgery Coordinator


Peyton Prater