Facial Plastic Surgery

About Otoplasty


Prominent ears inherited through birth can leave both children and adults unhappy with their appearance and the inability to select hairstyles. The results of this surgery are often dramatic and very rewarding to both the patient and the surgeon. This is performed through small incisions behind the ear and involves reshaping or trimming the cartilage. For approximately seventy-two hours, the patient wears a snug-fitting bandage, which when removed is replaced with a "ski headband" at night to support the healing ears. The patient may wash their hair and resume normal activities in approximately five days.

Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia. It takes approximately two hours to complete. Although children may require general anesthesia at outpatient surgical facilities, both adults and children can return home after a few hours and postoperative pain is unusual. The aesthetic correction is immediately apparent.

The youngest age to begin considering is about 5.

These images are of actual patients. Results may vary.