After Massive Weight Loss

After Massive Weight Loss

After Massive Weight Loss

After Massive Weight Loss

What is Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery?

Losing a tremendous amount of weight is a life-changing achievement. After massive weight loss cosmetic surgery, refers to any number of procedures used to adjust the contours of a patient’s body following extreme weight loss.

Following weight loss surgery, patients may find that their body contours are drastically changed. The skin may hang loosely off one’s body and no longer conforming to the new, slimmer body shape. Facial features may seem to sag due to weight loss and stretch marks may be present. We offer numerous procedures to alleviate these problems. Frequently, we may be able to combine certain procedures to maximize their benefit to you.

After massive weight loss cosmetic surgery can correct these aesthetic problems following successful extreme weight loss. We can help you have the body shape and proportionate appearance to match your new lifestyle.

Below is a list of post-bariatric procedures at our practice.

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Lift

  • Breast Reduction

  • Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery

  • Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

  • Body Lift

  • Liposuction

  • Brachioplasty

  • Thigh Lift

  • Facelift

What to Expect

​It’s important for patients to be at their goal weight before surgery. Maintaining a steady weight for at least three to six months before having this type of surgery is important for the desired outcome.

We tailor procedures based on your objectives, anatomical needs, and overall health. Recommendations can include options to target one or more problem areas on the body such as the face, neck, arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, or thighs.

Patients who have lost massive amounts of weight will need adequate nutritional support prior to any surgery because key wound-healing nutrients can be low.

Recovery time varies, depending on which procedure or procedures are performed. With proper diet and exercise, results from body-contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures after massive weight loss can be life-changing.

Patients can gain the freedom to expand their wardrobe, participate in activities they were previously unable to, and increase their self-confidence.

​​​​​​​To schedule an appointment or to learn more about surgery after massive weight loss, please contact us today.

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