5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Augmentation

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Augmentation

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Augmentation

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Augmentation

Are you considering a breast augmentation procedure? If so, you have likely been researching the topic. Nowadays, you can find quite a lot of information online if you know where to look. Still, you risk stumbling into information that is not satisfying or misleading. It is especially the case with medical information. If your sources need to be informed, edited, and supported by medical professionals, you should find a professional to clarify them.


When you go for breast augmentation, here are five questions to ask your doctor for a better picture of what will happen and to build confidence.


How Much Experience Do You Have? Are You Board-certified?


The first question you should ask entails gaining a clear picture of the competency of your doctor. It is crucial that your find a doctor with experience handling the type of procedure you want. More experience usually translates to fewer chances of complications. It also means that if any complications arise, they are better equipped to handle them. 


Another thing is that the professional plastic surgery community works hard to ensure safety. They can do this by certifying competent and qualified surgeons. By ensuring your doctor is certified, you will be confident that they know what they are doing. After all, they fulfill the requirements set by their peers. 


What Procedures Do You Offer?


Knowing what procedures your doctor offers will help you better understand their skill. Most plastic surgery practices offer an array of procedures. Some practices have multiple doctors working on different specialties; you can ask your doctor what they do. 

While in this conversation, find out what procedure can help complement your breast augmentation. Some surgeons can help you understand what other procedures can help you reach your goal. For instance, a breast augmentation to improve your curves may also work with a tummy tuck to improve your overall body shape. 


What Should I Expect During the Procedure?


It is very important to understand what will happen during the procedure. Understanding this will ensure you are well-prepared for the day. Some procedures may require you to set apart a few days, while others may need you to have someone take you home. Understanding the process will also help you prepare mentally and build confidence with your doctor. 


What Types of Breast Implants Are Available?


Breast augmentation comes in different forms depending on your desired outcome and the type of implant used. Some implants have better results, while others may have a higher chance of complications. The most common types are silicone, teardrop-shaped, and saline implants. Some options can be expensive, while others are cheaper. Obviously, the higher the quality means you must pay more. Understanding all the options available will help you make the best decision.


What Should I Expect During Recovery?


Recovery is a key part of the procedure. As mentioned earlier, you need to know how much time you require to set aside. The recovery time of different procedures may differ, so it is important to know exactly how much time you need. The average recovery time for most breast augmentation procedures is three to seven days. Some surgeons may employ rapid recovery techniques so you can be back on your feet in 48 hours.


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