After Breast Augmentation: What's the Recovery Process?

After Breast Augmentation: What's the Recovery Process?

After Breast Augmentation: What's the Recovery Process?

After Breast Augmentation: What's the Recovery Process?

Breast augmentation surgery enhances the appearance of your breasts. It helps balance uneven breasts or augment those that need an increase. You can get an augmentation to reconstruct damaged breasts after surgery. Before the procedure, you would want to understand the various recovery stages. This will prepare you for the lengthy healing process and help you take the proper precautions. 


Phase One (Day of Surgery)


Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. Hence, you can go home after the surgery. Before you do, take time for the doctor to observe you and ensure that the anesthesia starts to lift. Since the effects will linger, you should have someone pick you up and take you home.


When you get home, rest, drink plenty of water to hydrate, and ensure optimal comfort. Do this by having extra blankets and pillows, access to snacks and water, and entertainment. Avoid bending over and doing too much. Remember to take your medication as the doctor recommends to avoid complications.


Phase Two (Day Five to Seven)


Phase two can be the most uncomfortable part of your recovery since you will have some pain. You will also have to deal with swelling, bruising, and minor bleeding at the incision sites. Take your medication. You will notice that things will get better as the end of the week approaches. Make sure to include some light walking in your regimen. It facilitates blood flow and prevents the formation of blood clots.


Phase Three (Weeks Two to Four)


Your body will start to recover, and you can gradually return to your daily routine. However, you should still not engage in strenuous activities. Avoid heavy lifting until you get clearance from your doctor. They will keep monitoring you closely until you can resume your daily activities.


At this point, you will notice that the swelling, bruising, and pain will be minimal. You can resume light cardio exercises but start slow. Add on to them step by step until your body is strong enough for more activity.


Phase Four (Weeks Five to Seven)


Your body is now healthier than when you began the journey, and you can participate in more strenuous activities. However, avoid engaging in these activities until your doctor recommends them. Otherwise, you could cause complications that may be difficult to undo.


Once you get the okay, you can start with lower-body exercises and intense cardio. Chest exercises and heavy lifting are still out of the question. Wait until week six or seven before incorporating them into your workout.


Phase Five (Final Recovery)


It can take between two to four months to attain this phase. At this point, the breast implants will get into their proper position. There will be no more bruising and swelling. You can fully enjoy your new look.


During the recovery journey, hold off purchasing new bikinis and bras until this stage. It is advisable to wait. The appearance of your breast implants and their size may undergo some changes, so be patient.


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