The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process

The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process

The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process

The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process

Life takes a toll on everyone, but it is most visible on mothers. They have created life, something that is unbelievably amazing. They have also sustained those newborns with their bodies. Doing this and accomplishing such great things take a toll on them. Most moms' physiology changes, and they lose their youthful looks. But now, they can get their youthful looks back. 


Breast augmentation is one of the most common ways to restore youthful looks. It is a procedure for mothers and all women who want their breasts to change. A breast augmentation resizes, reshapes, and adjusts anything you want about your breasts. But before the procedure, you must have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. 


How Do You Prepare?


Before going for the consultation, you must consider a few key things. You will need to get a few things together to help your surgeon get a clear picture of what you want. Here are some things you will need to prepare for a consultation.


  • Photos


You will need to collect photos or pictures of the shape, size, and type of breasts you would like to have at the end of the procedure. Looking for pictures will help you understand and know all the available options. One way to solve a problem is by learning all the possibilities available. 


  • Questions


A breast augmentation process is an effective procedure, as are the changes. You will need to consider all the questions about the procedure and the results. It is a deeply personal endeavor, so ask as many questions as possible. It would be best to write them down so you can remember them. Also, writing will help you articulate them better and help you understand how you feel about the process and transition. 


  • Clothing


When you go for the consultation, it would be best to wear comfortable clothing. You may have to take them off or switch to a gown, so the easier to change, the better. It would be better if you had clothes with a top and bottom for easier changes. 


The Consultation


When you go into the surgeon's office, it would be best to be prepared to talk about some things. The first thing you may need to do is get into a gown. Here is what you should expect:


  • Medical History


You will answer a questionnaire and may need to answer some questions about your medical history. You may need to provide information about a family history of breast cancer and the results of mammograms. You may also have to talk about any medications you are on or recently had and drug use, like alcohol or tobacco.


  • Evaluation


The doctor will evaluate your current health and measure and examine your breasts. They may take photographs and talk to you about your expectations. At this point, you can use the pictures to explain better. The doctor may explain what will happen during the procedure and if your goals are achievable.


For more on the breast augmentation consultation process, visit Rich & Humenansky Plastic Surgery of the Face & Body at our office. Call (803) 799-3223 to book an appointment today.

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