Why You Should Choose QWO® for Cellulite Treatment

Why You Should Choose QWO® for Cellulite Treatment

Why You Should Choose QWO® for Cellulite Treatment

Why You Should Choose QWO® for Cellulite Treatment

You are not alone—many women experience cellulite regardless of their weight. It is not an indicator of gaining weight. Hence, dieting and exercising may not necessarily get rid of it. Cellulite is simply the body’s way of depositing and storing some of its fat. However, the fat forms dimples and lumps that give you orange peel or cottage-cheese skin. 

It is more common in females than males because of the differences in connective tissue, muscle, and fat distribution. QWO® is a safe and effective way of treating cellulite and improving its appearance.

Facts About Cellulite


Before scheduling the treatment there are a few facts you need to know about cellulite. These facts will help you understand how QWO works and why you should choose it. Cellulite happens when fat deposits push on connective tissue. It causes the fibrous collagen bands or septae to create little pockets where the fat applies pressure on them. The areas result in the dimpled effect you see on your skin.

There is no specific reason for cellulite formation as genetics, lifestyle, or hormones could all play a part. When there is a change in skin thickness or elasticity, you begin to see more cellulite formation.

What is QWO?


It is an FDA-approved treatment that works on the buttocks to reduce the severe dimpling effect of cellulite. QWO is an injectable that contains collagenase. The enzyme targets type one and three collagen. It is also less invasive than other treatments and works chemically to loosen septae.

How Does it Work?


The doctor injects it directly into the cellulite dimples in the treatment area. One treatment can have up to 12 injections. Once the doctor injects it, the collagenase breaks down the peptide bonds of collagen. It causes a release of the fibrous septae bands that tighten the skin to the muscle. The effect also breaks the dimples that result from the septae bands.

The procedure consists of three treatments that the doctor administers every 21 days. It does not take time, lasting only about 10 minutes. The injections feel like any other shot; many describe them as needle pinches. There are no significant side effects. However, you may experience some mild bruising.

Results to Expect


It is vital to have realistic expectations of the procedure. QWO will not dramatically smooth out all your cellulite. It improves appearance. Research shows that it significantly reduces the orange-peel skin effect. It leaves you feeling confident and youthful, ready to hit the beach in your bikini without a second thought. 

Benefits of QWO


There are several benefits of the treatment. It is less invasive than other treatments since it is an injectable that uses an enzyme. It is also quite effective for a minimally invasive procedure. The enzyme releases the fibrous bands, redistributes fat cells, and stimulates new collagen growth.

There is no significant downtime with the procedure. You will only experience mild bruising and some tenderness at the injection sites.

For more information on QWO for cellulite treatment, visit Rich & Humenansky Plastic Surgery of the Face & Body at our Columbia, South Carolina office. Call (803) 799-3223 to schedule an appointment today.

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