Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement

The elusive concept of ideal beauty is based on a harmony of facial contours. One of the main elements of facial harmony is the presentation and positioning of the cheekbones. Underdeveloped cheekbones can give your face a flat appearance. Cheek enhancement also referred to as malar augmentation with a cheek implant can correct this and give the appearance of youth.

Why cheek enhancement with implant?

​Malar augmentation will give the face a more youthful appearance and can improve facial harmony by de-emphasizing a prominent nose or a projecting chin. Much consideration must accompany the insertion of cheek implants. Before deciding on surgery, your surgeon will analyze your face, take a number of photographs from different angles, and thoroughly explore your motivation for having surgery and your expectations about the results.

​About the procedure

It is important to understand that there is a great difference in the structure of every cheekbone. There are a number of different types of implants available. Your surgeon will determine which implant is best suited for you.

This one-hour procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Your surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth between the upper gums and the cheek. The soft cheek tissue is elevated, and a pocket is created over the cheekbone. The implant is placed through the incision secured in place. The incision in your mouth is then closed.

Recovering from your cheek implant

Your face will likely be swollen following the procedure. This general resolves after about two weeks. In the beginning, it may be difficult to chew certain foods. You may also experience tightness or numbness around the area of your cheeks, which will improve as the swelling subsides. The results can be seen immediately, however, the final result may take several weeks.

Are there any non-surgical alternatives?

There are other options for cheek augmentation, such as dermal filler. Dermal filler is a non-surgical option for cheek enhancement. Dermal fillers are dissolvable and will go away over time. Dermal filler for cheek augmentation may last up to one year before needing to be repeated.

Contact us to schedule your consultation and speak with one of our surgeons about your options for cheek augmentation.

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