IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

What is IV Infusion Therapy?

IV nutritional therapy is utilized for its wide range of health benefits, which include anti-aging, improved immune system, minimized anxiety, reversing symptoms of hangovers and more. Many individuals who aren’t getting the essential nutrients their bodies need to perform optimally may benefit from this service.

Because IV treatment is administered directly into the veins, the results may be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines. IV nutrient therapy is safe, effective and restorative, and it can be customized to suit the unique needs of each patient.

Myer's Cocktail, 150

B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium
Reduce seasonal allergies, fatigue and inflammation and restore natural balance

Hangover Hero, 130

B Complex, Mineral Blend, Anti-Nausea
Combat hangover-related symptoms like dehydration, headache, and nausea

Alleviate, 150

Anti-Nausea, B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium
Reduce bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain associated with PMS

Inner Beauty, 140

Biotin, Vitamin, B Complex
Promote stronger hair, skin and nails from within while brightening your complexion

B-Lean, 125

Biotin, Vitamin, B Complex
Burn fat, boost immunity andsupport a healthy metabolism

Energize, 125

Amino Acids, B Complex
Burn fat, feel energized and boost metabolism

Immunity, 130

B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate
Strengthen your immune system and feel better faster

Quench, 130

Mineral Blend, Vitamin, B Complex
Hydrate and combat fatigue due to dehydration

Add-on Services

Obagi Vit C Mask, 35
Clarifying Clay Mask, 25
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, 25
Pore Purifying Clay Mask, 25

IV Boosters

Add to any IV drip

Toradol, 15
Relieves moderate to severe pain.

Zofran, 20
Prevents or reduces nausea and vomiting by reducing the effects in the body.

Zinc, 20
Helps to boost your immune system, heal wounds, and increase brain function.

Vitamin C, 25
This power antioxidant helps boost your immune system.

Glutathione, 40
Protects cells from damage, boots immune system and helps regulate hormone levels. Glutathione is crucial for overall wellness and recovery.

IV infusion services may also be combined with any of our esthetician services including Microneedling, Diamondglow, Clear+Brillant, SkintrinsiQ or our laser skin resurfacing and TCA peel procedures

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